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Ballet Dancer
Ski Break
The Cowboy
Monument Morning
Faded Glory
Teton's Farm
Lavender Fields
Sweet Chevy
Sweet Pickup
Fiesta Dancer
Trail Drive
Downtown Winter Stroll
Grazing In Monument
Rainy Night Walk
Wine And Dine
Cool Winter Stream
Hot Rainy Night
Winter Sunset
Chicago Street
Gathering Raven
Moonlight Piano
My Own Umbrella
New York 2010
Red Fire Truck
Park And Pedal
New Day
Red Forest Dreams
On The Edge
Come Sail Away With Me
Sailing Away
Let's Play
Waiting On The Shore
Evening Harbor
Morning Boat Docks
Night In San Francisco
1957 Chevy
Flower Trilogy 1-2-3
Field Of Dreams
On The Move
Paradise In The Mist
Tranquility On The Bridge
Mission Of Color
City Scape
Bee Keeper
Van Tassell 1886
Neapolitan Mountain
Performance in the Lake
Rainy Night Walk
Spice Of Life
Up The Mountain
Holy Cow
The Dance
First Snow Holiday Sleigh Ride
Sunflower Checker Vase
Dashing Through The Snow
Canyon Walls
Arches Morning
Grand Canyon Afternoon
Grand Canyon Morning
Sedona Morning
Reindeer Ridge
Desert Rider
Blue River
Sedona Moonlight
Horseshoe Bend
Elk In Tranquil Stream
Uptown Lights
Rainbow Canyons
Spring In The City
I Can Only Imagine
My Garden
Postcard Paradise
Where Are The Birds
Dreams Of Korina Fae
Fishing In The Rockies
Seashells And Pelicans
The Adele
Red Mesa
Peach Mesa Canyon
Rocky Mountain Serenade
Proud Highlander
Kristi's Rocky Mtn Fisherman
Lavender Fields Forever II
Country Bluffs
Fairy Magic
Flying High
Moab Sisters
Monument Utah
Autumn Snow
Clan Colors
On The Go
Proud Clan
Scotland Coming Home
The Clan
Where Did They Go
Star Night Ode To Van Gough
Fishing Chick
Gone Fishing
Great Light
Dreams May Come
The Red Beat
Green Pastures
In The Country
Go Fish
Happy Trails To You
Lavender Fields Forever III
Winter Beauty Is Here
Night On The Town
Up For A Ride
Streamside Forest
Blossom Burst
Spring Harbor
Far Away
From Down The Road
Sunburst On The Meadow
Gone Fishing 2
Laundry Set Sails
Red Sun
Singing Spring
Summer Breeze
The Village
Boat Docks In The Mist
Little Steeple
Along The Road
Blazing Cliffs
Break Time
In The Hollar
Just Before The Storm
Just Down The Road
Ride The Wind
A Night On The Town
About Town
Lady Lavender
Meadow Morning
Sail Away
Hitch Rack
New Beginnings
Pure Joy
Waiting For The Tide
End Of The Day
Lemon Drop
Lost And Found
Morning Dream
Taxi Anyone
Flower Dreams
Umbrella Showers
Adobe 2
Green Pastures 2
Light At The End Of The Day
Light In The Storm
The Long And Winding Road
Almost Sedona
Aspen Morning
Black Eyed Sue
End Of Summer
Grazing 2
Ping Sky Green Meadow
Napping Swan
In Deep Water
Afternoon On The Bluffs
Aspens Forest Beginning Fall
Daisies And Roses
Road To Helper
Summer To Fall In The Rockies
Sunset Boon Docks
Aspen Sleigh Ride
Autumn's First Snow
Getty Up
Grand Canyon Afternoon
Shack On The Hill
Vista Over The Farm
Winter Sleigh Ride
Leading Edge
Aspens In Sunset
Cascade Streams
Lemon Drop Meadow
Dancing Tonight
Tips Up
Gone Fishing 3
In The Meadow
Ready For A Ride
Reflections 2
Sleigh Ride In The Aspens
Poppies In A Pitcher
Boats On The Bay
Down In The Boondocks
Ready To Fly
Summer Breeze
A Summers Day
Almost Spring
Four Corners Utah
Sunset In The Meadow
A Walk To Remember
Monument Bluffs
Morning Meadow
Reflections Sunset Meadow
You're So Koi
Blue Roses
Down The Lane
Last Light
Lay Of The Land
Lollipop Wilderness
Native Spring
Aspen Moon
Good Ole Cars
On The Mesa
Red Sundown
Serenity Stream
Spring Summer Range
Deep In The Woods
Warm Glow In The Meadow
Morning In The Woods
Red Poppys
Dusty Trail
Trail Ride At Sunset
Amber Sky
Full Bloom
Bella Noche
Let's Go
Ancient City
Man's Best Friend
Red Bluffs
The Night
The Night Fishing
The Night Moon
The Night The Moon
Break Out
End Of Fall 2
Evening Mission
Sunrise After The Night
Time For Dinner
Umbrella Dance
Winters Begun
Winters Moon
Bella Mission
Break Out 2
Local Pub
Luna Noche Winter
The Best Part Of The Day
Hope Of Summer
Melting Spring Summer
Moonlight Glow
On Top Of The World
Spring Is Here
Sunny Farm
Teton Sunset
North Carolina
Quiet Moments
Reds, Pinks, and Whites
Summer Highlight 2
Sunset At The Dock North Carolina
The Gift
The Night 2
Calm Of The Night
Bright And Beautiful
End Of Night
Full Moon
Golden Meadow
Last Glow On The Meadow
Little Cabin
Magical Forest
Mission On A Hill
Mountain Retreat 2
Ocean Drift
Painting In The Sky
Poppy Dreams 2
Bright Star
Moon Rising
Enchanted By You
Fountain Of Youth
Stop And Smell The Roses
Dance On
In Full Bloom
Poppy Fields
State Street Ann Arbor Theatre
Pure Reds
Summer Bloom
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